Family Car Travel Tips: Travelling With Kids

Travelling long distance in the car with kids can be stressful. If planned properly you can make it hassle free and fun for both yourself and kids. Here are tips and checklist for safe and fun long distance car travel with young kids.

1. Organization: Most important part of any travel is organizing and keeping it all organized. Use as many Ziploc as you want. It will be very helpful in keeping things separate and organized. A separate Ziploc for all medicines, another one for tiny socks etc., another one for bottles/nipples, one for baby utensils so on and so forth.

2. Hygiene and Cleanliness: Kids can create and generate lot of mess. Whether their diapers or throwing food around. Purchase scented garbage bags from dollar store. They are about 50 for a dollar. They come very handy and keeps smell away. No need to waste money on expensive diaper trash bags or any other scented bags.

3. Feeding Time: If you are with infants and they are just breast-feeding or on bottle that you can do in the car or in some rest area. If baby is on bottle or using jar food, keep disposable bottle liners and utensils. You can keep small plastic cup to mix the cereal or take out food and then throw away when done. This will keep your car clean and cut the need to wash things on go. Thus leaving more time for enjoyment. These disposable do not cost that much either.

4. Taking Breaks: I would suggest taking break in rest area where there is little more space for kids to use their energy. For infants who are crawling, bring a big comforter. So that they can use that to crawl and you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty in a places that has might have so many germs. For older kids you may want to take a break at McDonald’s or those kind of places where there are play areas. You can keep them excited by reminding them of up-coming play area.

5. Games and Treats: You will find many resources on internet about games and activities you can do in the car to keep kids occupied. I would also suggest bringing some goody bags for kids to open at the destination. Or get them excited about some activity you will do or a movie that you will watch when you arrive at the destination.

6. Health: While travelling and particularly with kids, one can forget to take care of health. Try to eat as much healthy on go. Try to eat at least one healthy meal a day. Keep nuts and dry fruits handy to munch. It will energize you during long drives and boost your immune system too.

7. Comfort: Last but not least important is the comfort and safety of travellers. If y

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Rocky Point Vacation Destination – 10 Travel Tips You Should Know

The vacation destinations are many to choose from but nothing can charm your mind and spirit than the beautiful and charming locale of rocky point in Mexico. Once you visit it, your mind will say that it is the heaven on earth.

Those who have never been in Mexico may confront with some confusion as how to get there, what sorts of accommodation they will have. This article offers some travel tips so that you can enjoy your destination.

How to Get There/How to Travel in Mexico:

1. Fortunately, it is the Mexican free-trading zone where rocky point lies. And therefore, no car permits are required.

2. You can hire any sort of vehicle. Please remember that the prices are charged according to the type of vehicle you choose and the length of your stay.

Finding Accommodations:

3. If you are prepared to have a camp on the beach then it’s alright otherwise it is better to reserve your place to stay. You’ve got choices for instance; you can choose no-frills motel rooms or oceanfront compounds with beachside whirlpool spas according to your budget.

4. Tourist hotels are also available like Plaza Las Glorias and Best Western Hotel Playa Inn. The charges may vary as per the services and facilities provided.

5. Several RV parks are also there with restaurants, swimming pools and laundry facilities.

What to Drink:

6. Avoid having water from a tap to drink because it may cause some intestinal infections. Always insist on having either bottled water. You can also have soda or beer to satisfy your thirst.

What to Eat:

7. You are advised to avoid roadside taco stands because you’re not sure whether the good is fresh or stale. Most restaurants in rocky point are safe and clean as they are subject to health inspections.

The Language Spoken:

8. Though English is spoken widely as far as the shopping districts and restaurants are concern, it’s good to make use of some Spanish phrases.

What to Remember While Shopping:

9. You will be deluged by people trying out selling some stuff. If you are not interested in buying it, then say politely “No, gracious” and simply walk away.

10. Don’t forget to carry plenty of cash with you because credit cards are not accepted everywhere.

Get prepared physically and mentally for your trip to rocky point in Mexico. Read some brochures or booklets to know something more about this destination. However, these tips will be of great help to you.

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